Which Style of Bunk Bed or Bed Plan is Perfect For Your Kids?

Back in your day, many bunk beds were the same: two beds stacked unimaginatively, one on top of the other. These days, the science and art of bunk beds has developed to offer new and exciting options for kids.

That’s great news, except when it comes time to decide which option is best for your kids and your home. After all, sometimes having too many choices can be stifling. Fortunately, choosing the right bunk bed from amongst our bed plans here at Palmetto Bunk Beds isn’t a chore—in fact, it’s a little bit fun. Let’s break down each of our plans and see which style might suit your family the best.

Queen Bed Fort Plan

This is a bed plan that offers maximum fun, offering your child a fortress of their very own along with a sizeable bed that’s comfortable and downright exciting to sleep in. Of course, it comes with its own disadvantages, such as the fact that it requires a little more space than our other plans. Installing a Queen Bed Fort Plan will require plenty of open space in your child’s bedroom or in your basement. No, it won’t take up half the house, but in smaller homes, you might want to choose a different bed type.

Twin Bed Fort Plan

If you still want a fort but need to sacrifice some space, the Twin Bed Fort Plan may be perfect for your child. This offers a bed at a smaller size on top, but the fun is just as present with the essential fort design down below. As with the other single-bed plans, you may want to consider whether you’ll need additional sleeping space in the future. If not, this Twin Bed Fort Plan is a great gift to give your child to completely change how fun their room is.

Queen Loft Bed Plan

Beautiful, fun, sturdy, and space-saving, the Queen Loft Bed Plan makes a great option for a single-child room that’s in need of a little extra excitement. This bed allows for space below, which makes it perfectly functional for children even as they grow older and need space for a study desk or for a computer area. It doesn’t have the fortress of the above plan, but it does have enough practicality to make it a viable option for any single-child room.

Twin Bunk Bed Plan

This is what many people picture when they imagine a classic bunk bed: two twins stacked neatly for maximum use of space. It’s safe, with plenty of railing on the top to keep anyone sleeping “upstairs” from falling out, and the ladder is sturdy with big, thick rungs. This is the bed you’ll want if you want to maximize the space available in your home.

Twin Loft Bed Plan

The Twin Loft Bed Plan offers the most possible space, allowing your child to use the space underneath for a desk. It also provides a creative spin on a traditional twin bed—after all, which child doesn’t like climbing ladders before going to bed?