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Dozer Bed Plans


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Dozer Bed With Tracks Out And Angled Blade

Dozer Bed With Tracks Out And Angled Blade

Super easy to build and super cool looking! Our dozer bed plans walk you through how to create a bed your kids will love. The plans are straightforward with an itemized shopping list, recommended tools and a cutting guide to help minimize waste. No previous woodworking experience is required and all of the materials can be found at a home improvement store like Lowe’s or Home Depot.

Download your digital plans and start building today!

Part Dozer Bed, Part Transformer:

The Dozer Bed was designed to adapt to different sized rooms and preferences. The tracks can be configured in a wide stance (to look as realistic as possible), a medium width (to take up less room) or the minimum width (to fit into smaller bedrooms). You can also slide one track all the way in to place the bed against the wall while leaving the other track partially or all the way out. The blade is also designed to either be mounted at an angle or straight up and down to maximize space. See the photo gallery pictures for the different configurations.

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Angled blade, both tracks out: 97″L x 60-1/2″W x 60″H

Straight up blade, both tracks out: 91″L x 60-1/2″W x 60″H

Width with one track out and one tract in: 51-1/2″

Width with one track halfway out and one tract in: 46-5/8″

Width with both tracks halfway out: 51-1/4″

Width with both tracks all the way in: 42-1/2″

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