Loft Bed Plans: Three Benefits of the Queen Bed Fort Plan

If there’s one inarguable truth about life on Earth, it’s this: kids love bunk beds. But you’d be surprised at how often parents miss out on other opportunities to spruce up the fun and enjoyment kids get out of their rooms, especially when you consider that bunk beds are just one of the options you can find here at a website like Palmetto Bunk Beds.

Specifically, we’re referring to the Queen Bed Fort Plan. This unique bed plan design doesn’t just feature the space-saving power of a loft bed (featuring the always-popular ladder), but it adds the new element of doubling as a makeshift fortress. This allows your child to have fun with the door, the window, and the treehouse-like atmosphere of the interior of the Queen Bed Fort.

But if this seems like a one-trick pony, don’t be fooled. There’s plenty you can do with a Queen Bed Fort Plan—and here are just a few of our favorite suggestions:

1. Designated play area. If you’re a practical parent with a capital “P,” then you know that one of the main benefits of the Queen Bed Fort Plan is that it helps save space in any room. By elevating your child’s bed off of the floor and offering some serious space down below, you can give your child an easy-to-monitor, designated play area. Put the toy chest in the fort section of this bed plan and your child will be able to have all sorts of fun with friends and family. You can peak inside through the window even when your child has the door closed, allowing you to keep an eye on what’s going on all the while.

Sure, there’s not enough room inside a fort to play football or to practice hockey. But there’s plenty of space for playing with toys, for reading, for having “campouts” with friends, for telling scary stories, and more.

2. Storage. Let’s face it: your child isn’t going to be a child forever. But there’s good news: when the Queen Bed Fort Plan loses its playtime luster, it doesn’t lose any of its space-saving practicality. It can host a study/computer desk during the high school years and add some storage space when your child moves on to college. Admittedly, a fort plan is much more fun when it’s being used as a play fort, but that doesn’t mean you have to trash this bed when its fortress duties have long since been obsolete. Instead you can continue to use the bed as a way to save space.

If you really want to be efficient, you can add the toy chest to the Queen Bed Fort to make it something of a hybrid space-saver and fun-maker.

3. A makeshift bunk bed. If your child is going to have friends over—and with the Queen Bed Fort in tow, why wouldn’t they?—then they’re going to need some space in their room for extra bedding. Add a cot or an air mattress to the Queen Bed “fortress” section and you have a makeshift bunk bed. Like so many of the plans you see here at Palmetto Bunk Beds, it’s both practical and fun.