Choosing a Great Bunk Bed with Your Kids

If there’s anything kids love, it’s building new things. They do it intuitively. They take out toys and start making them into something new. They take puzzle pieces and start assembling them together. Heck, even adults know that it’s fun.

But they also love having a choice. And when it comes to bunk beds, you as a parent can give them that choice.

Discerning which bunk bed plan is best can be so much more than simply adding furniture to your child’s room—it can be an opportunity to choose a new project together. If you play your cards right, you can get your child excited about choosing a new kind of bunk bed while still ultimately keeping the final decision in your hands.

Starting from Scratch: Look at the Room

You might have paid for your child’s room, but they should have a say in how it looks. (And, if you’re a parent, you already know that much of what they say, goes.) That’s why it’s important to size up the room with your child, if they’re old enough to understand, and start thinking about what might look good inside.

Be willing to listen to your child’s feedback. If they’re not offering it, you might be able to assemble some basic either-or questions, such as:

  • Do they want a fort under their bed or do they want space for their other things? This can be the difference between our Queen Bed Fort Plan and Queen Loft Bed Plan. If they need some room underneath the bed for other things, like a computer desk, then the choice will be easy. Younger children might opt for the fort—and if they choose the fort, that’s likely a better sign that they’ll actually use it.
  • Do they want a loft or another bed for guests? A twin bunk bed plan can be a great decision even if your child doesn’t have to share the room; it makes for great sleepovers and the potential to share the bed down the line.

Armed with this basic feedback, you’ll have a general idea of what your child is looking for. Now it’s time to consider the kind of decision you’ll have to make.

Making the Choice

We offer different types of bunk bed plans, of course, and the difference between each plan is very important. For example, if space is your top priority, you’ll likely want one of the twin plans, either the twin bunk bed or the twin loft plan. But if space is not a priority and fun is, the Queen Bed fort plan is more likely your top selection.

Making the choice will depend on the actual physical space of your child’s room as well as your budget for materials. These are, unfortunately, some decisions you likely can’t involve your child in. But there are still ways to make this fun for them: once you choose your bunk bed plan, you can show them the picture on our website and tell them to start generating ideas on how to decorate it. While you’re handling the parent’s responsibility of acquiring materials and putting the bed together, they can be off in another room, dreaming up new ways to use their bed and make it fun.