Four Practical Benefits from Bunk and Loft Beds

Procuring a bunk or loft bed for your family can be one of the most fun house additions you make in a long time. But the benefits of bunk beds aren’t limited to the inevitable fun. Sure, it’s fun for your child to literally climb into their bed by ascending the ladder…but as a parent, you know that the saved space more than justifies the experience. And while playtime with a bed fort is fun for any child, parents love the fact that their children have excuses to set up playdates and sleepovers.

So let’s talk about the many practical benefits of owning a bunk bed of Palmetto Bunk Bed design:

1. Adding another “room” to your house. That’s not to say an actual room. But when you add a bunk bed to your home, your allow children to share a room, giving you some flexibility when another bundle of joy is arriving to your household. Because bunk beds are so fun, your children won’t complain as you set up an entirely new living situation for them. But you know that the real benefits include the fact that you don’t have to move to a four or five-bedroom house for the time being.

2. Saving storage space. When most people outline their home, they think in two dimensions. The truth is that storage space works in three dimensions, which is one of the chief advantages of using a loft or bunk bed. Lifting a bed off the ground gives you double the space that you had before, ensuring that one room gets the most out of all the territory it has to offer. You can do whatever you like with this space, whether it be adding a computer desk or toy chest for your children.

3. Potential savings. Why do we say “potential”? Because our loft and bunk bed plans are easy to buy—the queen loft bed plan is just $10—but as you supply the hardware, you’ll be free to determine exactly how much you can save. If you have access to cheap raw materials at the hardware store, great—if you can get some from a friend or relative for the cost of moving them into your house, better. There are plenty of potential savings to be had in a world where furniture prices are getting out of control.

4. Solving design problems. If you have a strange room in your house or apartment, then the space-saving advantages of a loft or bunk bed may be the only way to actually get the most use out of it. “T” and “L” shaped rooms, in particular, almost seem to require these kinds of beds. There’s no changing the shape of your house with a major investment, but if you’re smart, you can build around it with a bed plan of your very own.