Versatile DIY Bunk Bed Plans Create Fun Family Projects

Designing your children’s room is an exciting time in which you can bring their creativity alive and combine it with your own dreams about their childhood. Kids are often looking for creative spaces that give them room to sleep, grow, and play. We have a collection of versatile bunk bed plans, including bed fort plans and loft bed plans, which you can build with your young ones in order to make their room fun, exciting, and enchanting. You can order a queen bed fort plan, queen loft bed plan, or a twin bed fort plan to help your young one design their special space. Here is more information about our different bunk bed plans that you and your loved ones can build for your children.

 Loft Bed Plans

 This type of bunk bed is for those young ones who are not afraid of heights! Loft beds for children who like to play on ladders and for parents who need to maximize a small space. If you are purchasing this bed plan for an older son or daughter, then you can also place a computer desk or create a study spot beneath the bed. A lofted bed can be integrated in your bedroom or apartment in a number of different ways. They are useful for people who are trying to fit a lot into a little space, so if you have a wardrobe or dresser and not a lot of room, then a lofted bed might work well for you. Our lofted beds online come in a queen size frame, but you can also fit a twin size mattress into this larger frame. We also have loft beds that have space for a mattress on top and a mattress below, which is helpful for families that have multiple children living in one room. All of our loft beds are just $10 and includes materials, tools and the assembly instructions.

 Bed Fort Plans

 A bed fort is not only a fun and creative way to create a medieval themed room or make your young ones feel as though they are living in a castle, but it also a way to make them feel safe and secure. Our bed forts come in both twin and queen size, which means they are large enough for both children and adults. Although loft beds maximize small space, fort beds take up a large amount of space in a young person’s bedroom; however, they also provide fun infrastructure for young ones to play in and on. This type of bed serves as both a jungle gym and a bed frame. If you are looking to foster a young person’s imagination or feel on top of the world, then you can order one of these with simple piece-by-piece instructions. Our bed fort plans are just $25 and are easy to build for any DIY handyman.

 You can build something that you love this weekend with your young ones if you order a loft for fort bed plan. You can shop for any of our bunk bed plans online today, or you can contact us for more information.