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Three Things to Do With Your Bunk Beds After Your Kids Outgrow Them

You already know all of the reasons to acquire a set of bunk beds for yourself when your kids are growing up. They’re not only a blast for the kids, but they’re actually downright convenient for the adults, too, thanks to their space-saving features. And after your oldest child has outgrown the bunk beds, the […]

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Fun Meets Function: A Twin Size Loft Bed with Storage

Looking for a twin size loft bed with storage? Palmetto Bunk Beds has a solution the whole family will love! Check out this fun twin bed fort with removable panels. Have questions? Drop us a line here.         

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The Game Changer: A Minecraft Themed Room Your Kids Will Love

So your kids are obsessed with minecraft? Bring the game full circle with an amazing minecraft themed room and let their imaginations run wild. With your custom designed minecraft bed as the focal point, you’re sure to get caught up in this fun project, too! Have questions? Drop us a line here.               […]

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Four Practical Benefits from Bunk and Loft Beds

Procuring a bunk or loft bed for your family can be one of the most fun house additions you make in a long time. But the benefits of bunk beds aren’t limited to the inevitable fun. Sure, it’s fun for your child to literally climb into their bed by ascending the ladder…but as a parent, […]

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Loft Bed Plans: Three Benefits of the Queen Bed Fort Plan

If there’s one inarguable truth about life on Earth, it’s this: kids love bunk beds. But you’d be surprised at how often parents miss out on other opportunities to spruce up the fun and enjoyment kids get out of their rooms, especially when you consider that bunk beds are just one of the options you […]

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The Loft Bed: Your Child’s Ultimate Space-Saver

As a parent, you know that domestic life is anything but simple. Finding and keeping track of toys, finding time for helping with homework, finding time to cook, clean, wash clothes, and make sure everyone’s in bed on time—these are just a few items on the daily checklist of the active parent. But while it […]

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Bunk Bed Forts: The Ultimate Bunk Bed For Kids

Remember life when you were a kid? The world was your playground. Everywhere you looked, there was an opportunity for an adventure, whether it was building a fortress out of the couch cushions or heading outside to build a tree house. Bunk beds appeal to kids for very much the same reason: they provide a […]

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Benefits of Bunk Beds and Lofts

Bunk beds are fun—just ask any child who likes climbing ladders. And “fun” is reason enough to get some bunk beds of your own. But there’s more to a Palmetto Bunk Bed than just fun. These bunks and loft beds come with all sorts of benefits and advantages, including many that you won’t fully realize […]

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Which Style of Bunk Bed or Bed Plan is Perfect For Your Kids?

Back in your day, many bunk beds were the same: two beds stacked unimaginatively, one on top of the other. These days, the science and art of bunk beds has developed to offer new and exciting options for kids. That’s great news, except when it comes time to decide which option is best for your […]

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Choosing a Great Bunk Bed with Your Kids

If there’s anything kids love, it’s building new things. They do it intuitively. They take out toys and start making them into something new. They take puzzle pieces and start assembling them together. Heck, even adults know that it’s fun. But they also love having a choice. And when it comes to bunk beds, you […]

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